SAE J1637_202202


Laboratory Measurement of the Composite Vibration Damping Properties of Materials on a Supporting Steel Bar
standard by SAE International, 02/17/2022

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    This SAE Standard describes a laboratory test procedure for measuring the vibration damping performance of a system consisting of a damping material bonded to a vibrating cantilevered steel bar. The bar is often called the Oberst bar (named after Dr. H. Oberst) and the test method is often called the Oberst bar test method. Materials for damping treatments may include homogeneous materials, nonhomogeneous materials, or a combination of homogeneous, nonhomogeneous, and/or inelastic (such as aluminum foil) materials. These materials are commonly installed in transportation systems such as ground vehicles, marine products, and aircraft to reduce vibration at resonance, and thus reduce the noise radiation from the vibrating surface. The test method described herein was developed to rank order materials for application on panels using general automotive steel but also may be applicable to other situations or conditions.

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