SAE J2380_202112


Vibration Testing of Electric Vehicle Batteries
standard by SAE International, 12/21/2021

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    This SAE Recommended Practice describes the vibration durability testing of a single battery (test unit) consisting of either an electric vehicle battery module or an electric vehicle battery pack that is typically greater than 200 kg in mass and structurally integrated as part of the vehicle. For statistical purposes, multiple samples would normally be subjected to such testing. Additionally, some test units may be subjected to life cycle testing (either after or during vibration testing) to determine the effects of vibration on battery life. Such life testing is not described in this procedure; SAE J2288 may be used for this purpose as applicable. Finally, impact testing, such as crash and pothole, are not included in this procedure. SAE 2464 describes abusive/safety shock tests.

    Preferably, a specific vibration durability profile should be developed based on actual vehicle measurements for the specific electric vehicle application.

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